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Originally Posted by Eidolon View Post
Asuming that this site gets a 40% zoning upgrade and manages to purchase nearly all of the air rights above Grand Central (with a similar zoning upgrade) along with all the possible FAR bnefits, how tall would this thing be by roof height? To me it would almost certainly be taller than 432 Park, 1 WTC and 225 W57th, possibly even approaching 1,600 feet considerng the small lot that this tower will be built on.

Ok I quickly came up with some basic numbers based off those assumptions.

Assuming 1.2 msf is as of right and a 40% zoning increase, the new as of right build-able square footage is 1.68 msf.
A quick search of available GCT air rights yielded between 1.2msf and 1.9msf. I used the 1.9msf figure... tack on an additional 40% and we have 2.66 msf to take from GCT.

Without factoring in bonuses for tranist connections, etc... the total square footage is 4.34msf.

According to google maps, the block is about 200x200ft or 40,000 SF which at 4.34msf gives us 109 floors if they build straight up.

Multiply by a standard office floor to floor height of ~13 ft and we have 1,417 ft high box. Keep in mind the owners are drawing inspiration from towers that "curve and soar" so a box is likely not in mind... expect something higher than 1,400ft.

/wild optimism