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Originally Posted by Duck From NY View Post
I'm not saying that it is, but Manhattan wouldn't be nearly as appealing if it didn't have pre-war skyscrapers flanking more modern buildings throughout the CBDs. The point I was making was about the attitude of being willing to let go of these buildings. New York City has a much higher ratio of pre-war to post-war skyscrapers than any other city on Earth, I see no reason to decrease our stock of these buildings. Like I said, tear down some of the smaller post-war boxes instead, the world has plenty of those to go around.
There really is no other option than tearing these old ones down and as much as I would like to see less appealing buidings in that area getting torn down instead, it won't happen because the location for this tower is excellent, the lot was presumably cheaper and is currently being underutilized in my opinion.

Originally Posted by Zapatan View Post
Hopefully the GiraSole and this can have a height battle
This, The Girasole, 225 W57th, whatever is going to rise at the site opposite of One Hudson Yards (has the most air rights in the entire Hudson Boulevard area) and a whole lot of towers in Midtown and the Far West Side we don't even know about.
It's going to be an all out war

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