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(quoted from another thread)

Originally Posted by leftopolis View Post
That makes no sense at all--why would you compare solar with coal, just based on the cost of producing power? The cost of coal includes the resulting acceleration of rapid global climate change(from CO2), the health effects of the air pollution, and the destruction of the environment.
Personally, I totally support solar power. The people I often argue against though think that global warming is an evil liberal conspiracy. They also live and vote in my community, so the only way I can appeal to them is by citing the explicit economic costs instead of the implicit.

Originally Posted by leftopolis View Post
Put up photovoltaics in NV--then you can stop claiming the cannard that solar needs water. The even bigger fallacy of logic, is claiming a comparison with coal without mentioning the real costs.
Photovoltaics are more expensive than power towers.

The people I argue with don't use logic is the problem, but still cast their vote. I know just as well as anyone that global warming is a serious threat, but when I point to the costs of global warming, I get waved off as an "environmental elitist". So instead I take the most direct route straight to their wallets.
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