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London Transport Thread

I have noticed that there isn't really a thread on London transport, so thought what better than to start one!

The first post: The New Sub-Surface Tube Stock
London has had dozens of trains across its lengthy history differing in a wide variety of colours, sizes and designs (interior and exterior).

At present there are two main groups of train stock (with different models in each group):
- Sub-surface stock which resembles a normal train carriage
- Deep-level tube stock which is the circular confined design most people recognise instantly

Over the past few years, designs have been on-going to create a new sub-surface stock that will be phased in as older stock is removed from duty.

One major innovation that will be the first of any metro is the introduction of technology which detects whether an object or person has got stuck in the doors. At present most other systems including the Tube have to 'open' the doors or the doors re-open automatically. This system should mean that a stray handbag won't delay the train as the specific door will open just enough to allow the object to pass.

In addition, the trains will be walk-through, fully wheel-chair compliant, clear of any obstacles under the chairs (ie so that lost bags or sinister devices are more visible) and air conditioned. In addition, like with all tube trains, the seats will be upholsted to ensure that the journey is comfortable, while arm rests are an added luxury.

This is a mock-up design. Pictures from

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