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Flamborough's cost per resident for roads/sewers/hydro poles is higher than that of Hamilton downtown. This is because of density. For every km of road, every km of sewer pipe, etc there are many more downtown residents paying into that km of service than a km of service in Flamborough.

Furthermore, many areas of Hamilton still have old lead pipes, outdated sewer systems, etc. that have NOT yet been updated.

Very little tax money has gone into the downtown compared to the $ paid into the pot by downtowners. Again density is the key factor - there are a lot more people here per square kilometer paying tax $. I wonder how much more tax $ would have had to been paid by suburbanites in Stoney Creek and the Mountain to fund the Redhill Expressway if it were not for downtown tax dollars?

Anyway, these are some reasons why they are now (finally) starting to put money into the downtown.
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