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The County of Wentworth and the Township system i.e. Saltfleet, Beverly, etc end in the 1975 with the formation of the Region of Hamilton-Wentworth. Places like Saltfleet, Tapleytown, Winona, Fruitland etc where amalgamated into the City of Stoney Creek. Waterdown, Greensville, Carlisle, Rockton, Troy etc where amalgamated into the Town of Flambourgh in 1975.

Hamilton subsidized a lot in these areas. A lot where indirect subsidies. A lot of these areas have sewer and water that are from systems that where built by Hamilton. All traffic lights and signs where done by the City of Hamilton. Hamilton road crews did paving through out the region. Regional road where maintained through area where subsidized by up to 805 from Hamilton. Etc etc etc.

Hamilton heavily subsidized policing. They could never afford a swat team or K9 unit or any of the specialty teams by themselves. I remember talking to and old police officer that originally started with the Stoney Creek Police Department. He said they only had a 9-man department and on some days they had no one available for duty and had to bring in police from Hamilton.

The fire service was heavily subsidized. Hamilton ran communication, the training complex on Stone Church Road, hazardous materials team etc. Communications had more people in it than all of the full time firefighters in the other 5 municipalities put together. The HazMat team has more than 40 people in it. Ancaster, Dundas and Waterdown had only 2 firefighters each on duty just before amalgamation.

These are just some examples of Hamilton’s involvement in the region.

There where 2 public school systems. One for the city and one for the region. They where amalgamated a few year before the municipalities where. The Catholic system was amalgamated for as long as I can remember.

Eons ago where I worked for the Hamilton Public Library, we where sending books and other items and resources out to the region daily.

Yes they had their own people and vehicles to look after lawn cutting, tree planting etc. but a lot came from Hamilton.
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