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That fenced lot at constellation and ave of the stars is where the twin 48 story towers are supposed to be erected. No activity for several months now tho.

Westfield is also planning a 40 story tower at santa monica blvd and ave of the stars, tearing down the 10 story building currenting occupying the property, adjacent to the mall.

Then there's the development at the old Robinson's/May (currently being utilized for several movie/tv shoots), a ten-story 5-star condo development. And in front of the Beverly Hilton is supposed to be the new Waldorf Astoria, at approx. 10-14 stories. Beverly Hills is worried about the congestion, so who knows what the status is on that one. Much like the large, fenced off lot next to 1800 CPE, on Santa Monica Blvd. It's been sitting there doing nothing for over two years after demo of the old two-story building that used to occupy the property.

This is all old news...

But, the Century is going up quickly, in case no one's noticed. Already working on the 5th or 6th floor. The oval pattern is quite evident. This is going to look great in CC...

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