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Originally Posted by HX_Guy View Post
The area, for example, could include a comedy club and movie theater, Hallmark said. He added that he has shared his plans with Sundance Cinemas, a fledgling theater chain for independent films.
Those two things interests me the most. The Valley only has 2 Comedy Clubs (Improv in Tempe, and the Comedy Spot in Old Town Scottsdale) one is very big (Improv) and the other is tiny (Comedy Spot), a club in between those two in size would be very nice.

We only have 2 Independent movie theaters as well (Valley Art and Camelview) and the Valley Art is only a single screen! The Phoenix area is extremely under-served in this area. I'd really like to see a 'brew and view' style theater in the warehouse district that showed independent and classic films.
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