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Originally Posted by nashvilleron View Post
Hey Guys,
I Hope The ATX does not mind but I copied your format for a rundown of a list for Nashville since I had all of the info but just not in the exact way for comparison sake.

It’s still a work in progress as I have a few numbers left to plug in. I know where some of the numbers are but my iPad crashes when I try to download the docs. I stopped at 150’ as that seems a good place but there are a lot of buildings between 100’ and 150’ proposed as well.

I know of others on the way too I can’t put on here.

I still have to put tons of notes in, but they are in my head and it takes time to input.

You're the man Ron! We all know Nashville is on fire, but to see it in list form really puts things into perspective! Is that 50 towers I see at 300 feet or over that are either proposed, approved, or under construction? Holy cow!
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