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Transit might be more expensive for someone with a large family. Like 4 people travelling together, a car might be more economical. But overall affordability is probably not the main problem for transit.

If anything, I think transit fares in USA are too low. Like $706 per year for monthly pass, I don't see how agencies can provide an adequate level of service and sustain themselves with such low fares. $1.75 per ride? It should be like $2.50. With $10.5M fare revenue and $111M operating budget, $2.50 fares would mean 5% service increase instantly right there.

Service cuts because of lower fares, which leads to ridership loss and even lower fare revenue, which leads to even more service cuts, it's a constant cycle. I think agencies dig their own hole when they keep fares low over such a long period of time, and Indianapolis has a deep hole to climb out of.
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