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Both were founded and developed at roughly the same time. One is francophone while the other anglophone but beyond that they look and feel remarkably similar. Large Italian and Jewish communities are present in both but Brooklyn is a lot denser. There's a ton of pre-WW2 row housing in both although the architecture was influenced by different European countries: France and England. They're both stone and feature stairs coming down to the sidewalk with cast iron railings.

The central core of each have the same feel with lots of grand pre-WW2 structures. Montreal's core is a lot busier, of course.

Borough of Brooklyn
Settled: 1634
Area: 183 km2
Population: 2,648,771

City of Montreal
Settled: 1642
Area: 365 km2
Population: 1,704,694

Brooklyn row housing

Courtesy of brick underground

Montreal row housing

Courtesy of teb
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