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Thanks Pingyao, Skydragon, Vellu, Patrick!

Originally Posted by Pingyao View Post
Whats the height of the building with the spires on top?
That building is about 825 feet. However, it is on higher ground than the immediate surrounding area. In the pic below, you can see that the ground is about 50 feet higher from where you would be standing. There are also 2 streets that go under this complex.

Originally Posted by Vellu View Post
May I ask what version of Sketchup you're using? Does it cause you any problems with this large (in terms of dimension) model? Are you able to zoom in very close without any problems? I'm asking this cause I'm still using SU 6 and it can't handle large models very well (dimension measured in kilometers rather than meters).
I'm using SU 8. I don't seem to have any problems. I actually have my dimensions measured in feet. If I need to zoom closer, I'll widen the field of view. Incidentally,the file is currently 13.5 megs.

Originally Posted by Patrick View Post
I would love to see more street scenes they are very convincing, in that last skyline shot, what is that oddly shaped structure in the distance?
Is it the building with the disheveled looking floor plates? I imagine it to be a residential building on the "other" side of the river.

I'm also about to put together a post that features some street scenes.

For now, here is a skyline update.

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