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Vellu, Verticalextropy:
Thank you for your comments!

This is a sketchup model (free version). The image is simply an exported image of the current scene.
As you can see, I like to use some fog in panoramic scenes to fade out the undeveloped areas. I am also trying to keep the file small. Right now, it's about 14 megs. (I did a detailed model of my house that is double that.) Buildings are kept simple. I made about a dozen or so textures that are tiled on the faces of buildings. Many buildings don't have textures yet.
My main goal is the overall vibe of the metropolis.
Ground level detail will come later. Priority will be based on where scenes are set up. Downloaded and edited some components (trees, cars) that were created by other people. They are scattered throughout the model.
2D Tree Conifer –Blue Marble Project
City Bus – Manager
Ford Edge – ZEE PROduction
London Bus – Enerth3
Oak tree 2 (2D) – marurb (over 3000 so far!)
Suspension Bridge - Jai

Here are a few more views of North bay
The first 2 are looking to the northeast

The next 2 images feature the tallest building in the city.

Should we check out the observation deck?

Looking north from the observation deck. There is a lookout on that hill that is around the cove. We'll go there next.

Looking south from the lookout

looking south from the drive
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