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Originally Posted by OldDartmouthMark View Post
Great video Keith. Thanks for sharing!

A few observations:
- In general people walking on the street seemed to be more well dressed/stylish than people today.
- Lots of school-aged kids walking by themselves, without a parent present, nor vehicle waiting at the side of the road to pick them up directly from school.
- Lots of kids actively playing in the schoolyard.
- No cell phones (lol)!
- Streetside shops often had large awnings to shield customers from the weather.
- Downtown was very active and bustling with people walking about.
- Lots of Birneys, but traffic seemed to move around it well enough.
- Stone and wrought iron were the building materials of the day.
- Many overhead wires.
- Street busker playing an accordion.
- No roundabouts - traffic cop!
Little to no obesity either...
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