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Originally Posted by JDRCRASH View Post
^ And faster than people think. The only real reason why gas is down is because of the Global Economic slowdown. When it comes back up, don't be surprised to see a $10 - $15 a barrel jump in one trading day.
Yep... that's what I'm worried about. The oil barons have been very sensitive to the Recession. They understand that we can't take too much more on our plates right now. But the first second that they see an opportunity, gas prices are going to go up again. I predict that b\efore next summer, we will have creeped back up past $3/gallon, and then they'll use that time to have a skyrocket price hike. These corporations are "hurting"... not like they're about to fail, but it's because they had a taste of record breaking profits in 2008, and they want it back.

I just hope the alternative energy movement doesn't lose too much steam because of the Recession.
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