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i heard that those thousands of skylight tube fixtures that move up and down would only cost 5% of the entire construction cost, and considering it is such an essential element to this project, i think removing it would be a shame. The skylight windows that were originally on top of the roof are for sure gone now, but I think that their removal wont make such a big impact to the overall architecture and style.

Tbh the new updated terminal 3 photos don't look like a big downgrade at all from the original design. I see key design elements still retained. But man those blue pillars and orange skybridges are such a joke, i hope they are only colored like that for illustration purposes or to emphasize them. i hope they can just stick with modern design. thanks for posting this!!

Btw I just found this pdf detailing the new multifunction building designs, and also i was looking at the skylight tube fixtures, i believe they don't move up and down anymore and are just permanent fixtures, but I may be wrong because i just skimmed through the pictures. it also discusses the satellite terminal connections and other construction works related, here it is

By no means is this a super new pdf with updated plans but just in case someone was curious

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