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Originally Posted by Oberhafenjunge View Post
Hey Lincolnlover2005.
I'm no admin here, just a humble Illustrator, so my following assumption is pure speculation: As far as I understand this, the submissions get checked while awaiting approval, to see if they meet the criteria for the diagrams on this page (no copied work, no use of photos in the illustrations, etc.) Now from what I was able to see (Drawings awaiting approval are not visible for the illustrators any more) you had some drawings like Poly 335 Financial Center or the Hilton Dubai which were obviously images taken from the internet or modified. Also some of your deleted Uploads for New York looked suspiciously "non-you"... On the other hand you have drawings, that look like your style, that got approved. I could imagine that the admins got a little suspicious about your uploads, and therefore check them more in-depth? Or maybe it's their way to tell you that what you did was not cool...

But I'm no one to either judge what you upload here nor to interpret the actions of the admins regarding your uploads. That was just what came to my mind when I saw your post.
I wish you the best, and to quote you: "I know that I'm not really that best of an artist, but I do try my hardest." If you continue trying your hardest you will certainly improve. Just as little Tip: Try to work on the edges of your building. Many of your Drawings which have curves would look way better just the way they are by not having those harsh pixelated curves.
I don't know how you work but even if you use something like paint or so you can create the illusion of smooth edges by using gradients. there is even a tutorial you can use as inspiration here on the site

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