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Originally Posted by Londonee View Post
Does this building not come to the corner of 30th/JFK? Your massings seem to have it almost mid-block?

I agree with the posters who worry about a bit of a deadzone effect here with all of these public spaces but a dearth of street facing retail.
The corner you're talking about is actual air space over tracks. Amtrak last year put out a request for development then later they changed that to a request for someone to think about what might be able to be built in that spot. And I think that was the last anything was said. One way of looking at it is that lot falls with the border of the 30th St. Station proposed development (proposed is being very generous since there are new proposals every 10-15 years) and not part of Schuylkill Yards. But having said that I'm alittle surprised that Brandywine didn't try to include that lot into this project (maybe they did, who knows!) because doing so, even if it were just a 3 or 4 story extension of the tower, would have made for a much more logical use of the space and better framed the new park and the Station. Logic and having to deal with bottom line facts don't always go hand in hand.

This building is surprising good on paper, and I hope that it doesn't get changed too much in the detailing of it. It does seem odd to me that the architect of record is passing off the actual 'get it built' design work to another frim------I hope that this second firm has fully bought in on the design as its been presented to date.
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