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70-Story Okan Tower Files For Construction Permit

Okan Tower is one step closer to beginning construction.

On September 1, contractors filed a dry run permit to begin building a 70-story tower, city records show.

Next week, a phased Class II foundation permit will be filed, along with a master building permit, a consultant working for the developer said.

The filing last week included:

500 sheets for review by city officials
$457,707.60 upfront permit fee
$163,466,625 total cost of construction
318,090 square feet of hotel, with 294 rooms on 19 floors
512,080 square feet of condo, with 398 rooms on 33 floors
66,920 square feet of office, on 4 floors
37,005 square feet of retail on 1 floor
934,095 total square feet to be built
The hotel will be known as the Hilton Bayfront.

Okan representatives previously told The Next Miami that the tower will top of at 890 feet.
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