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Originally Posted by ILoveHalifax View Post
Sometimes we just CANNOT save every OLD WORN OUT building. This place should have been torn down, or blown up years ago
It would be a fair statement if Halifax actually did try to save every old building, but it's just not the case. This is one of the rare ones where the facade is being saved despite the fact that the rest of the building burned down many years ago.

My only issue is with how slow this project has been. There have been several larger projects that have started and finished in the time that it has taken them to get to this point.

One thing to keep in mind is that the facade is in keeping with the Barrington Street heritage conservation area, and if you look at many of the other buildings along this strip, there has been some restoration work that has really improved the look of this street. It's becoming quite nice now IMHO.

We need to have some patience, hopefully this one will be done before the end of the decade... or maybe the next.
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