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Originally Posted by 10023 View Post
Slightly off-topic question: what’s the deal with Oxnard?

It is on a fertile plain halfway between Santa Barbara and Malibu with some of the world’s best weather, and yet on Google Maps it looks like it belongs in Nebraska.

If America had any kind of decent rail service places like that would boom.
You mean Nebraska meets the barrio?

Oxnard has always been an agricultural town; I believe they're known for their strawberries. In fact, every year, Oxnard is host to the California Strawberry Festival.

Back in the 80s, the drive through Oxnard from LA to Santa Barbara was all agricultural, with strawberry fields galore. Now, not so much. Along the 101, many of the strawberry fields have given way to shopping centers and tract homes. Kind of sad, actually.

Oxnard does have a train station, though. Amtrak and Metrolink both stop there. I've stopped through there on my Amtrak rides to Santa Barbara and back.
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