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This one forms a nice streetwall with the Trillium. Too bad the Trillium podium is so short. It should have been 4-6 floors. The upper floors of the Trillium are also looking pretty dated now. It's a transitional building between the red brick and precast of the 90's and the glass of the 2010's.

I wonder how likely it is that new podiums will be built around old tower-in-the-park buildings like Park Vic, Summer Gardens, or that diagonal one along Spring Garden Road. If those three had nice podiums it would make a huge difference to the area. Building those podiums wouldn't necessarily be a net loss for residents either; the ground floor amenities could go onto the rooftops. The city should probably be pushing for this.

The path west along Spring Garden Road and south along South Park is a natural route for commercial growth. Hopefully it's not stopped by the big tower setbacks.

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