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Study shows uneven economic growth, concentrated poverty in Kalamazoo
By Malachi Barrett | MLive
July 12, 2017

KALAMAZOO, MI -- Kalamazoo is changing, but the rising tide hasn't lifted all areas of the city equally...

The analysis, completed by the city in March, charted changes in socioeconomic status using U.S. Census data. Measuring economic variables like household income, home value and gross rent with demographic variables like age and education, the study was meant to help planners understand where changes occurred from 2010-15...
Perhaps no major surprises with this study. Neighborhoods to the west and southwest of downtown have the highest education rates, highest home values, highest rent rates, and highest median incomes in the city (near WMU, older and more-educated white population, stable housing stock, etc). The north and east sides are generally struggling more, although I was a bit surprised to see that the Edison neighborhood has the lowest median home values in the city ($24,200), and that only 3.37% of its population holds a bachelor's degree or higher.

Images Source: Malachi Barrett | MLive (Courtesy)
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