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Originally Posted by Leo the Dog View Post
What new law is this? I'd like to read it.

A business can refuse or provide goods/services to anyone they choose, by the way.
That's not exactly correct. A business can deny service for a good reason (unruly customer, closing time), for no reason, but NOT for an illegal reason (i.e. discrimination).

The AZ legislature recently passed a law saying that businesses can discriminate against customers if it offends their subjective religious beliefs. They are basically giving businesses a free pass to discriminate against gays under the guise of religion (I'm not sure what religion preaches intolerance? ).

In reality I don't think this law will have earth-shattering effects on how business is operated but it will have a profound effect on how Arizona is perceived by the public and business community. As a result, it will be bad for business and tourism similar to SB1070 and Arizona's refusal to recognize Martin Luther King Day which resulted in the NFL taking away the Super Bowl.
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