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PARIS | Full Summary of Projects

With all the different announcements in the past weeks in French media, I thought it was time to make a general summary of skyscrapers u/c or planned in Paris, for those interested. I preceded them by the number of skyscrapers already built, for perspective. Only skyscrapers above 150 m (492 feet) are mentioned.

As of the end of March 2006:
*12 skyscrapers above 150 m in La Défense and city proper are already built (note: the figure does not include Eiffel Tower)

U/C and planned (March 2006):
*two 180 m (590 ft) skyscrapers in La Défense: under construction (due to be completed in 2007)
*renovation of the 159 m (522 ft) Axa Tower due to be turned into a 220 m (720 ft) skyscraper: renovation starts in 2007
*two 165 m (541 ft) skyscrapers in Levallois-Perret: approved, construction due to start soon
*one 400 m (1,300 ft) skyscraper in La Défense: proposed (approval due by June 2006). This one will have about the same height as NYC Freedom Tower without antemna.
*one 300 m (1,000 ft) skyscraper in La Défense: proposed (approval due by June 2006)
*three to four skyscrapers in the 200 - 250 m (650 - 800 ft) range in La Défense: proposed (approval due by June 2006)
*one 200 m (650 ft) skyscraper by architect Jean Nouvel in La Défense: proposed

All projects are due to be completed by 2015, at which time Greater Paris would have 21 to 23 skyscrapers above 150 m, including the tallest skyscraper in western Europe (400 m), announced as the "signal" tower of the renovated La Défense. At the moment none of these projects appear in the Paris diagrams unfortunately. Maybe someone could add at least the projects for which we already have official renderings.

If the center-right win the 2008 Paris municipal election, building of skyscrapers in the city proper may also be forthcoming. Paris opposition leader, Françoise de Panafieu, said she supported the building of tall skyscrapers on the fringes of the historical center, at the moment hampered by opposition from the Green Party, a key partner of the curent center-left municipal coallition ruling the city.

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