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Park North Plaza

Central Park Mall was one of San Antonio's earliest indoor mall and at one time a very successful mall. But then its neighrbor North Star Mall, just across San pedro Ave., became San Antonio's powerhouse mall. Central Park Mall quickly became an ugly after thought for retail at the San perdo/410 interchange. Tenants left, people stop going, it became a ghost town. All that stood was a Sears. But then last year developers bought what was called the best piece of retail land in all of SA (at a very very busy San Pedro and 410 Interchange) and is now building Park North Plaza.

Over three Million square feet of retailers are located in this regional intersection; including North Star Mall, which is anchored by Saks Fifth Avenue, Macy's, Foley's and Dillards.

Day time population within two miles is in excess of 123,000 individuals and in excess of 280,000 vehicles per day circulate the Park North site.

Central Park Mall was recently razed and construction has just begun on Park North Plaza.

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