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Currently there are dozen or so proposals for office high rises and similar number of residential high rises, with half a dozen skyscrapers (over 150m height).

Most famous of these is Tower 123, an 123m tower to be built near Selska cesta and Zagrebačka avenue junction. Other tall skyscrapers that have been proposed and are in some stage of feasibility study.

Gradelj Office Tower - 137m tower
Stimar Twin towers 135m towers near Henzelova avenue - uncertain of real name, but project is in advanced stage and final designs have been released, with probable construction date starting sometimes in mid to late 2011.
South-East Gate Tower - a 26 floor, 95-106m tower proposed in late 2008, unsure at what stage this project is at, but design drawings have been available for some time.
Congress Centre Tower - a 22 floor tower, 85m height to be built by 2015, opposite the Westin Hotel Zagreb.
Savica centar - another 142m tower to be built along the River Sava, currently there's little information on this project other than drawings and design sketches available on the internet and little is known about the developers and cost of the whole project.
Monolith Tower - 161m proposed project for the hart of Zagreb's business district short distance from Eurotower and Zagrepčanka Tower, land has been cleared and awaiting for developers to give a go ahead. Tower resembles the black monolith from move the space odyssey 2001.
Arena Center Tower, 140+m tower to be built adjacent to the Arena Zagreb complex and shopping mall, project is to be financed by property developmental firm TriGránit.
Obertnicki Centre Tower - 30-32 floor 120m tower to be built adjacent to the Zagreb Arena/mall complex.
Cernomerec Tower - 90m tower proposed for new development currently under construction in Cernomerec district.

1. Trigrant Towers 140m shorter tower, 170-175m taller tower, shortest tower adjecent to the 170m tower is around 90-100m tall, not sure what' is going on here, dubious about this whole project tbh!

2. Miramare tower - 70-80m tall (land has been cleared and fenced for possible construction) - most likely construction starts this April.

3. Obertniski centre zagreb - 30-32 floors 120-125m tower. - don't know much other than it is highly likely to be built.

4. Verdispar Towers Another massive project adjacent to Arena Zagreb, whole area if all these towers are built would give Zagreb an impressive skyline, skyline any city in the world would be proud of. tallest tower could be 170-200m tall, others are around 70-85m tall, lanad clearance started in earnest, some designs are avilable but there are still some uncertainties about this whole project, to start shear size of it.

5. Proposed tower near Sky Office Tower, if this goes ahead, it'll create nice cluster to the west of the city, around 90-100m tall. - unlikely to be built, little or no prospect.

in Split there's also interesting proposal for Spaladium Tower, a 100m tower to be built next the 12 000 seat Spaladium Arena.

Split - Spaladium Tower - 29000sqm 100m tower.

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