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The parts of Eglinton that an elevated guideway wouldn't "fit the vibe" of are the sections already being built underground. The surface sections like this:

simply don't have a vibe one should be concerned about messing with imo. I agree with WS in that the lack of grade separation probably won't cause too great a loss in speed, but it just seems a bit of a waste to me for a line that's already mostly underground to not take advantages of the efficiencies afforded by grade separation such as the ability to fully automate. Besides, not having "too great a loss in speed" isn't the same as not having any loss in speed.

Also, the elevated version could keep most of the planned stations considering that while elevated light metro stations are costlier than surface lrt stations, they're still much cheaper than the underground stations on much of the line. And if the station spacing on the rest of the line is sufficient for the denser more urban section I can't see why the suburban wasteland section needs more closely-spaced service.
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