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So my wife and I did manage to make it to the event. It was packed in their sales trailor. Basically the same sales approach as NO1 Riverlanding. When we arrived we were greeted by a rep with folder that included info on the project, floor plans and prices. We then headed to the open bar to grab a cocktail and headed inside.

You were instructed if you were ready to purchase to line up on left side and if you were still looking/considering to move to the right side where there was a model display of project and photos on the wall of various views from different floors of the project. They also had a "mock up" of a 700sq ft unit.

There was quite the buzz there and the left side line up of interested buyers was immediately out the door! Just from conversations overheard, I do think a lot were spec buyers thinking they may make money on re-sale of these units. Also, I heard a number of them indicate they already owned at Riverlanding.

As per norm, after deposit on units there is a 10 day "cooling period" where you have time to think and can get full refund back.

Price ranges...
500sq ft one bedroom $250,000 to $315,000 depending on floor and view
883 sq ft 2 bedroom $539,900 (and goes up $5,000 for every floor you go up)
1052 sq ft 2 bed/den $689,900 (goes up $5,000 for every floor up)
1173 sq ft 3 bed $699,900 ( " " " " " )
PH1 1837 sq ft $1,299,900 ( 3 floors of them)
PH2 2055 sq ft $1,399,900 (3 floors of them)

Estimated possession was given as October 2022

My guess is that maybe 30% would have been sold last night in advance of the Sept 28 and 29 grand opening to public.
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