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Originally Posted by craigs View Post
*Essentially, this thread was started and maintained only to enable right-wing culture warriors an opportunity to "own the libs" outside of the Current Events section, where such trollish garbage is rightly supposed to be quarantined.
Originally Posted by sopas ej View Post
That was obvious to me too. The article in the OP is even old news from July of this year, which is why I followed it up with an article from last month that mentions that building owners can apply for exemptions.

Conservatives just want to perpetuate the status quo and are against anything new, even if new means beneficial/better.

I've said this on many other previous threads, but California was the first jurisdiction in the world to require catalytic converters on cars, and they did this in the mid-1970s. Conservatives and the auto industry claimed that it would raise the price of cars and would be an unfair burden to the auto industry (meaning it would eat into their profits)... oh, and it would be a burden to consumers too... but the whole US and other countries eventually followed suit anyway.
Agreed. It was a rather weak and pathetic attempt by the OP to trigger the left leaning folks on the forum. Ironically enough, the only one that got triggered was chris08876 with his bizarro rant. Please keep the "woke" idiocy in the Current Events section.
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