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Originally Posted by Nick852 View Post
Must be, but I can't imagine how anyone in his right mind would want to live in Downtown L.A. right now. The market is fueled by foreign money, it may be that they just buy based on a floorplan drawing without even setting foot in L.A., as is often the case.

Anyway, I hope L.A. will become more desirable (and hopefully not a giant grey parking lot), but I think it will take many, many years.
This has nothing to do with the project on Olympia. It seems that you're trolling on multiple L.A. threads. Unfortunately, you have not visited LA within the past few years. The city changed a lot.

"I hope LA will become more desirable"
Los Angeles (especially Downtown) is one of the hottest market in the United States right now. It is the "most invested city" in the nation in 2016. It's the second biggest construction zone, after Seattle. Yes, LA is more desirable than you thought. This project, Olympia, along with others (Metropolis, Oceanwide Plaza, Luxe Redevelopment, Circa, Wilshire Grand, NFL Stadium, Lucas Museum, Sixth Street Redevelopment, Los Angeles River Revitalization, Metro Subway Expansion, Century Plaza Hotel Redevelopment, LAX Redevelopment, and the thousands of projects happening around the city) are all clear evidence that LA is drawing BILLIONS of dollars of development.

"but I think it will take many, many years"
Los Angeles is already the densest metro in the United States. Fact. It's becoming harder for NY Metro to catch up because there's so much development in every corner of LA Basin.

Going back on the topic of this thread, Olympia
Are those vertical lines on the podium an LED sign or is there none?
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