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Originally Posted by Busy Bee View Post
Ditto all around. And some of these buildings really look quite nice.
I'd say the best thing to do to see much of this construction or infill is to literally drive around the outer boroughs. When people think NYC, they think Manhattan, but in terms of construction, much of it is actually outside of it. You'll see so many random projects, many quite nice, hidden in Brooklyn for example amongst streets that are not well known. Lots of little infill everywhere, and in terms of highrises. Theres so much going on that sometimes some projects are missed. Bronx though is booming. Lots of housing is being added, and I believe some zones are also prime targets for DeBlasio's Affordable Housing Plan.

In terms of the housing plan, De Blasio has been taking actions to accelerate it and increase density. With a ton of housing expected to jam the pipeline over the next couple of years, many neighborhoods are literally going to transform; especially the ones that are the targets for a bulk of the new housing.
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