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Originally Posted by Crawford View Post
I know this is just a random midrise in a nondescript outer neighborhood, but I can't overstate how important these types of projects are in terms of NYC's future.

Brownsville is, arguably, the least desirable neighborhood in NYC, or at least was, in past years. Perhaps no longer. The fact that it's being heavily redeveloped with midrises going up everywhere, while keeping the public housing (so keeping the affordability and income mixing) is great news for the city's future. It means there is no place in the city that isn't becoming at least somewhat desirable.

Brownsville/East NY in Brooklyn, and the South Bronx, probably traditionally the "worst" areas are getting tons of these midrise buildings, and they are showing tremendous revitalization. It's great news for NYC. The South Bronx, especially, is almost unrecognizable.
Ditto all around. And some of these buildings really look quite nice.
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