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And so what? I'm not disagreeing retail is having problems, they have been for at least the last 5-8 years. This has been a long term trend, which is why I said forget about it, it's nothing new. The restaurant apocalypse is brand new. I heard an estimate that 50% of these places will not reopen post pandemic.

and so what boddy is i'm not taking about the retail apocalypse, i'm pointing out to you how your specific suggestion to the restaurant problems is in part the same as the retailers solution, which they are already out front on with. that is, the focus on e-commerce, building fulfillment and delivery.

also, amazon and others, like fresh direct here in ny, are already doing just what you suggest with food.

but as you are additionally alluding to, it's possible it could be done a lot more locally and widely. old big box stores and mall sites seem like a perfect place for mega kitchen type fulfillment sites and it would help food businesses survive, as long as it doesn't turn in to a big aramark:

Originally Posted by 0214685226 View Post

In the pandemic era we live in, shuttered Big Box retailers could become Big Box Kitchens for delivery companies like DoorDash, UberEats and others. Drivers report to the central kitchen and deliver food from dozens of restaurants, under one roof. Restaurants that are clinging to life from delivery and a fraction of capacity with outdoor tables, could now close their brick and mortars, cut overhead and labor costs and focus entirely on delivery without sacrificing quality of food.
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