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I totally agree with the fact that we are going to continue to see a massive retail and restaurant implosion but it will be very geographically specific. It will cause a huge decline in suburban malls and big box districts but could lead to a TRUE renaissance of our downtowns.

NOBODY goes downtown to save money or for the convenience. Quite the contrary, these 2 things helped spur the growth of suburban shopping and downtown declines in the first place. Downtowns stores can't compete with warehouse big chain prices, free parking, or the convenience of not having to travel downtown especially in the US where transit is poor. Downtowns survive by the fact that they offer exactly what the suburbs don't..........interesting shops, entertainment, restaurants, culture, and urban experiences.

Many suburbanites go shopping or to awful chain restaurants for "something to do" and as those options implode, more will head downtown whether by choice or necessity.
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