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Originally Posted by azliam View Post
The level of pessimism on this thread is astounding. I'm sitting here in my old stomping grounds of Austin and continue to be amazed at the construction here. No, not all of it is based upon immediate need. It's no wonder Phoenix isn't more of a destination when even the skyscraper fanboys have no confidence in what can be. I'm pretty fucking tired of hearing every excuse in the books as to why Phoenix can't have a legit downtown that impresses and I'm frankly tired of making excuses as to why we can't. We're pushing on 5 million people. Other metros half the size of Phoenix MSA sprawl, so why do they have 400+ buildings getting built? I've come to the conclusion that this city doesn't know how to take risks and the fanboys have become complacent with this.
LOL this over the freaking PIN plan? The Pin was always dumb and never would have been built in any circumstance.

Furthermore our excitement on this website has absolutely 0 to do with things getting built..

IF anything now that we have real development to follow we dont need to waste our time on nonsense like the Pin
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