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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post
New Brunswick's new population map New Brunswick has Canada’s second highest percentage of people aged 65 and over, with a large number of them concentrated in the northern part of the province, new census data shows.
Northern New Brunswick is currently in decline as it is; with the coming E.I. changes, with increasing gas prices affecting the price of all consumer goods and services, I think Moncton should have a renewed sense of focus toward becoming the seniors' capital of the province.

The northern seniors are going to want to be close to services and entertainment. Moncton's obvious edge in entertainment aside, services will absolutely become less available in the north as E.I. disproportionately harms the north and declines their local economies at a much faster rate than the economic decline under previous circumstances.

This is forced urbanisation in a harmful way, through budgetary cuts of which will create unforeseen pressures on cities as they will see their realm of lower-waged jobs become flooded with more-than-skilled job seekers and former seasonal workers (which further disadvantages people without a college or university degree currently in or trying to enter the lower-waged job market) -- and a more greatly burdened health care system due to the high number of seniors.

Moncton's wave of Acadian immigration could grow from tidal bore to tsunami.

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