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Originally Posted by mmmatt View Post
Nice! Thanks Monctonian!

Just Property considered "MLS" sales? As it seems they are gaining market share around here.
I'll try to answer your question without getting too complicated.® is an advertising and marketing firm which charges fees to access their services.

(They also sell franchises -

The ability to place real property on the Moncton MLS System® is available only to people who first are licensed by the New Brunswick Minister of Justice, Consumer Affairs Division and who second become members.
A member may place a property on the Moncton MLS System® even if the property is also being advertised on®. If the property sells while on the Moncton MLS System®, the sale is reported and recorded in the system.

Sometimes a licensee representing a buyer client is involved in the sale of a property that is advertised on®, but is not on the Moncton MLS System®. In this case, even though the licensed member was involved in the sale, the sale would not be recorded in the MLS System®.
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