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There is a substantial Indian minority presence in Singapore. Most of them originally came from southeastern Indian state of Tamil-Nadu & Ceylon. Most are Hindu but there are also many Indian Muslims.

It all started when the British East India Company started a port in Singapore, and added Singapore to the British Empire which was already strongly established all over India. It would be a matter of time before the Indians started coming to Singapore to find work, as traders, or as government servants. (My grandfather himself was an Englishman born in India and moved to Singapore)

Today, to add to the old Indian community, are a growing number of Indian expats from India (and other parts of thr world), and they are very rich, as well as the traditional labourers. Many congregate in Little India.

Singapore's president is also of Indian origin. I have many Indian friends, and within the Singapore society, they are frequently seen as being good-at-talking
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