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Mixed feelings on this:

Smart streetlights, public Wi-Fi coming soon to Dallas' West End
Melissa Repko
June 29, 2016

One of Dallas’ oldest neighborhoods -- the West End -- will be home to some of the city's newest technology, including free public Wi-Fi, streetlights that measure air pollution and detect noise and an app that makes it easy to find an open parking spot.
In the West End, the projects will include:
  • Intelligent streetlights powered by LED lights that can measure air quality and sensors that can detect crowds or noise.
  • Interactive digital kiosks with features such as cellphone charging stations, touchscreen maps and public transit schedules.
  • Network connectivity, such as fiber and cellular coverage.
  • Public Wi-Fi.
  • Smart parking infrastructure that allows people to easily locate available parking and reserve a parking spot ahead of time.
  • A mobility app that allows people to search for transportation options, including public transit, ride-sharing, bike sharing, walking and smart parking.
  • Solar-powered waste management with sensors that detect when trash cans need to be emptied.
  • Open source software platform that aggregates data and provides opportunities for citizens, entrepreneurs and organizations to build smart city applications on top of the platform.

Jennifer Sanders, executive director of the Dallas Innovation Alliance, said she hopes to have some of the projects underway by the end of the year. She said intelligent streetlights, kiosks, public Wi-Fi and waste management have been slated to begin first.

After testing out the technology in the West End, Sanders said she'd like to see similar projects across the city.
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