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Originally Posted by edale View Post
What the hell? I am 30, and literally none of my friends my age have children. Only 1 is married.I know a couple people that I grew up with who got married right after school and have a kid or two and already live out in the burbs, but that seems like a waste of your youth and fun years to me, and they are definitely outliers among people I know.

I know people tend to get married and have kids earlier in the midwest and especially the south, but even in my hometown (Cincinnati), being single in your late 20s or early 30s isn't seen as strange. In Los Angeles, it would definitely be strange to be married with kids at that age!
Same here - in my circles, the "baby boom" happened to "us" (not including me yet) when "we" were in our early 30s, not before. (Educated, busy, career type people. I think those factors matter MUCH more than location.)
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