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Originally Posted by LouisVanDerWright View Post
Exactly, I don't have less friends than 5 years ago, I just have less time to spend with new friends so I certainly don't have more. I know a ton more people, but knowing all these tenants and professional contacts is not the same as spending time developing new life long friendships.
I was going to say all my best friends are from my college days nearly 20 years ago ("relics" from those days, i.e. the point being that existing friendships can be maintained but forming new high-quality ones isn't really an option anymore at our ages), but in fact, that's not true - one of my very best friends now is a business partner of mine I only met a few years ago!

(We met because we owned neighboring buildings in downtown Sherbrooke; I had extra parking, he had no parking; I had my eye on his building and I meant to contact him for that, he wanted to contact me to see if I would be willing to sell him a bit of land; we both had assumed the other was very old based on our first names, which we had both seen in property records long before one of us finally decided to contact the other; we then realized we were near the same age, and both physicists!)
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