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I'm back!

An eBay seller has a bunch of negatives that were taken by a "man who worked for GM's (General Motors) Electro-Motive Corporation
as an instructor, traveling the country by train, taking some interesting images."
. A few of them were taken in Los Angeles.

Here are the first two I happened upon.

"1941 Amateur Negative , Two Soldiers, Los Angeles Street, Hotel Cecil Sign"


And here's the second one. (also 1941)

At first glance, I thought the guy with his foot up was some kind of busker. (it looks like he's holding something)


On closer inspection; ....He isn't holding anything..he's standing next to an old drinking fountain!

Especially intriguing is what he has his foot resting on.

It looks like one of those stone blocks that were used to help people get into their horse drawn carriages. (note the beveled corners)


Do you think this one was repurposed to help children reach the drinking fountain?


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