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Originally Posted by xzmattzx View Post
Nice pictures!

Why is the neighborhood called Fillmore-Leroy? Obviously that's an intersection in the neighborhood, but it doesn't look like any prominent intersection. It doesn't look like it was some prominent commercial area, although there is one old retail building on the corner, and three flat lots suggest there could have been more. It seems like any other intersection in the neighborhood, so I don't see why that intersection gave the area its name.
All those empty lots were filled with many more businesses back in the day, and the corner was the most prominent east-west link back to Main. As late as the early 1980s there was a 3-story building (among others) at the corner which called itself the Cold Spring Warehouse that had first floor storefronts (one was the Revolutionary Communist Party!) and the 3rd floor was open and held concerts and events for people inside and outside the neighborhood.
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