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Originally Posted by ethereal_reality View Post
This one's for you Gaylord_Wilshire.

silver gelatin print/ebay

The Berkeley Square Gate after a brief rain, circa 1905.


Thank you, e_r. You could have given me no better present, other than perhaps one of the lamps on top of the gateposts or a scrap from one of the columns reading BERKELEY SQUARE. The
clarity of this shot is fantastic. I have a fuzzier, cropped version of this photo, which is the only thing I've uncovered so far that shows any part of #5 Berkeley Square, the Phillips/Hunt/McAdoo
house, the history of which is here. This is the Western Avenue gate at the east end of the Square; through it, from the right column, we see #5; to its left are the Llewellyn-Milner/Bilicke
house at #7; the Chester Arthur Montgomery house at #9; the Russell McDonnell Taylor house at #11; and the Albert Lllewellyn Cheney house at #15. (Perhaps you remember poor old dope
Al Cheney for his entanglement with our very own Hazel Glab, who is described in Fab Fifties Fan's Noirish post here.) The date is closer to 1913; the Taylor house was not completed until
1911, the Cheney not until 1912.

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