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Without the US south vietnam ( saigon city ) wouldnt look like this today. You see after vietnam war ended. . South Vietnam from a country that's like in the top 10 of Asia went down to become one of the top poorest country.
Thanks to the North ( Hanoi ) communist invade us southern people and they never agree to peace negotiations with the south.

Bangkok of Thailand would be nothing compared to Saigon back in the day. Even Singapore once dreamt back in the 60 that they will surpass or at least be like south vietnam capital (saigon)

Originally Posted by IMBY View Post
For 30 years now, I've been putting off reading about the Vietnam War, and I finally dived into it a month ago, and it makes me wonder if the War had never occurred, how much more advanced of a country Vietnam would be today, without their "lost years" of fighting either the French or the U.S.!

I could only imagine! Hanoi would be comparable to Bangkok by now?
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