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For 30 years now, I've been putting off reading about the Vietnam War, and I finally dived into it a month ago, and it makes me wonder if the War had never occurred, how much more advanced of a country Vietnam would be today, without their "lost years" of fighting either the French or the U.S.!

I could only imagine! Hanoi would be comparable to Bangkok by now?

Thanks ever so much for uploading all those photo's of Hanoi, and a perfect recap to this depressing book I just finished.

I can't wait to see more photo's of Hanoi, and other parts of Vietnam, in the future!

It's most unlikely I'll ever get over there for a visit, as my body has been destroyed with living in the Desert for 22 years, and here in Las Vegas, you're looking at 4 inches of rain a year, humidity levels as low as 3% in June, and no insects, mosquito's, gnats or even flies. Today, when I'm in any area of high heat/humidity I go crashing to the sidewalk! And I go into a total panic today if I encounter a mosquito!

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