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Why do online property estimators produce such wildly different results?

Curious what our home's value might be now that we've been in it for 18 months, I looked it up on zillow and redfin, and there's a $61,000 dollar difference in the two estimates! WTF?

And I'm not talking about the difference between a $1,520,000 estimate and a $1,581,000 estimate. we're
in a WAAAAAY lower bracket; $61,000 represents a very significant percentage of our home's overall value.

Don't these online calculators have the same access to all the same info - recent comps, last sale price, tax assessment info, etc.? How can the estimates be so wildly different only 18 months after a sale? Someone is way off the mark here.

Obviously, I want to believe the estimate that's $61,000 higher, but it all seems like a big farce now.
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