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Well this is deja vu to about 10 years ago, huh?

I love this. I think the design is effective within the context of the company's broadcast roots and direction. I think the jobs it has the potential to bring to the city are crucial. I think it's LONG overdue we have a 1,000' jawn in Center City.

Just remember to thank Ruben Amaro for ruining the Phillies so Comcast didn't have to pay them what Time Warner pays the Dodgers, thus freeing up money to build this monster.

I don't get the griping. There was a lot of griping about the last Comcast Center when they changed the design from stone to reflective glass and kept the height 25' under 1,000' and all that. Ultimately everyone got over it and got used to its place in the skyline. I think this will be the same way.

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