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Originally Posted by george View Post
Great pics, love this city, there's nothing like it. Some of those 1970's box towers that encircle the perimeter of lower Manhattan are god awful ugly... they violate the neighborhood context without merit. Lever house is pure genius, IMO.
I have to agree with you on this, I wish there would of been a tapered rule for buildings when it came to building out to the waterfront so that shorter buildings would of been along the water with the taller ones closer to the center. The buildings that were built along the east river were all just pure corporate crap.

I love the Lever Building, but when I got to see it in person, I was disappointed how much the other curtain wall buildings detracted from it. I was also more upset at the ugly post modern building that you can see in the picture that ruins the look of the Lever just by being next to it. Also, this is just another reason why I hate post modern architecture so much.
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